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AutoCAD Self-Study

April 12, 2009

About the site in the CAD, I really do not try to discuss the tutorial from the beginning. Many other sources for that. Book your own tutorial to learn more …. Many also have been learning in their own self-taught or taught by friends or seniornya.  However, AutoCAD has a new feature from version to version. Many books that I see the list of contents does not differ much between AutoCAD 2000 with AutoCAD 2008. Only screenshots of the replaced. Actually not too wrong. Because the book is generally applicable throughout the period. Change is that many features of the intermediate to advanced.  Unfortunately, book publishers in Indonesia still feel comfortable playing at the beginner market. AutoCAD for Beginners, learn AutoCAD own in 16 hours, titles and other formidable. This is where I hope About CAD can fill the vacuum. Area that is still lazy dijamah our book publisher. AutoCAD Self-Study


Quick and easy way to create AutoCAD block

April 11, 2009

Quick and easy way to create AutoCAD blockAutocad is used to block a lot of images of architecture, such as images appear, sketch or discount, may be part of you that do not create AutoCAD block is easy, quick and easy, screenhot AutoCAD block next to the picture as I can diselesain in about half an hour , I want to do? your first search is called the first regular blueprint you can download for free here, select the image you want to make the block (try to select the image you have any size) and enter / attach to the AutoCAD window (insert »image manager» attach) and adjust the size of the scale you use, in general, BELAJAR SEO TUTORIAL AUTOCAD PHOTOSHOP scale 1:1 after using AutoCAD adjust the size of the original with the car you are directly above the image but use the previous layer to a different line and image. Quick and easy way to create AutoCAD block

Edit File Using AutoCAD DWF

April 11, 2009

Edit File Using AutoCAD DWFYesterday I got a job to find the map contours are used to design a road in the form of AutoCAD files. Then I just search in google by typing “map contours. Cad” as keywordnya, the many results that do not match expectations. And then I try to find it using advanced search option in google with the keyword and select the map contours filetype dwf, and google maps show a number of measuring the contours dwf. I downloaded about 30 pieces a file, and then to my selection. Now the problem when opening the file was not able to use AutoCAD, can only use Autodesk Express Viewer. Edit File Using AutoCAD DWF